Leif Holmstrand

Secular Magic and Plausible Shamanistic Practices

Cut out all the faces from a daily newspaper. Leave them in the freezer for twenty-four hours. Dip the faces one by one into sugar glaze and dredge in flour. Fry them up and place them far apart from each other on a black table.
Acquiring Bodies

Acquiring Bodies / Avesta Art and Krognoshuset

Collect vintage baby carriages. Dismember some of them, and cook their parts with lots of spice in lots of fat. Apply improvised bandages. Make a pile or scatter.
The piece was completed 2015. Photos from Avesta Art: Therese Asplund. Photo from Krognoshuset in Lund: Grzegorz Fitał. Both events took place in 2017.

Asami Kannon Clothing / Ceremonial Silk Robe with Paracord Helmet

Stitch black Japanese obis together by hand into a one-piece. Crochet a sturdy, basketlike protection for your head. Add gloves, shoes and socks.
Made in 2016. Photo: Aamod and Sophelia Korhonen.
Awakening Film

Awakening Film (First Square) / Video Piece or Short Film

Perform a ritual. Enjoy a tangled and matted state of mind. Make a short black and white silent movie.
Awakening Film was completed in 2020. Supported by Råfilm, Panora, Konstfrämjandet and Fish Tank.

Breeder Covers / Full Sequence as Shown at Galleri Thomas Wallner

Crochet twenty-four black cotton objects on metal grids. Name them individually after slime mold species.
Completed 2018. Property of Malmö Art Museum. Photos: Grzegorz Fitał and Øystein Thorvaldsen.

Cardio Cage / Latest Version of a Vague Experience

When someone gives you a worrying doll, contain it in nightgown fabric. Place it on a small table. Decorate with jewelry and scrap. Remove decorations. Re-organize face and body with plasticine. Build a cage. Paint everything but plasticine and fabric. Everything should be black.
Completed 2018. Photo: Grzegorz Fitał
Holy Helpers

Holy Helpers / Fourteen Plague Saints or Self-Portraits

Paint your face and chest. Lie on your back on black garbage bags. Continue painting. Take a lot of photos. Use them to make digital collages inspired by medieval martyrs. Let their holy names crumble and grow.
These images were completed in 2018, and exhibited by Galleri Ping-Pong in Malmö the same year.

Large Handicraft Piece / Possibly Without End

Use any yarn you can find. Crochet and knit. Work in front of an audience. Sit on the textile landscape while expanding it.
Initiated 1997, and in theory ongoing forever. Property of Malmö Art Museum. Photo: Jean-Babtiste Béranger.

Nonsense Translation / ZARYA A-i-R

Collect refuse and unwanted vintage clothes in Vladivostok guided by a new friend. Purchase rope, yarn, string, tape, cling wrap and other things. Use all of this during a hailstorm day, after a long night with lovers.
Performed at ZARYA Center for Contemporary Art in Vladivostok 2018. Photos by Vadim Martynenko.
Rope Cottage Hockey

Rope Cottage Hockey / Persbo Studio Sculpture Park

Add large amounts of polyurethane rope to a hockey goal and install the result in a forest. Watch plants and animals claim the sculpture.
Completed and installed 2018. Photos by Fredrik Strid.
Three Lovers

Three Lovers / A Fetus of a Different Species

Gather things. Handle garbage respectfully. Take care of your dead sister's stash of yarn and handicraft tools. Crochet a yellow dress. Perform a ritual to summon suitors and the dead, but avoid completion. Emortui requiescant.
Photos by Grzegorz Fitał. Event at Galleri 54 in Gothenburg 2020.
Curriculum vitae



"Sunday Morning Cranium Anus", Malmöhus Castle, Riddarsalen, Malmö (Sweden) 2020

"Three Lovers", Galleri 54, Göteborg (Sweden) 2020

“Going Like Elsie”, happening and ceremony in Kiyosumi-teien ryotei, Tokyo (Japan) 2019

”Nonsense Translation”, Zarya Center for Contemporary Art, Vladivostok (Russia) 2018

”Asami Kannon / Whore”, during Revolve Performance Art Days at Uppsala konstmuseum / Uppsala Art Museum (Sweden) 2017

”Fake Bones”, cooperation with the Japanese artist collective OLTA at Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö (Sweden) 2015

”Building a Better Body”, during Re-Lay (a performance event initiated by Claudia Del Fierro), Inkonst, Malmö (Sweden) 2013.

”This is True to Life”, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen (Denmark) 2011

”Wearing the Territorial (Down)”, Baltic Circle and Q-Teatteri (Puoli-Q), Helsinki (Finland) 2010

”Little Albert”, co-operation with Oscar Hielm, Per Lindberg and Oskar Lindwall, Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö (Sweden) 2009

”Cabaret Sally Rattenmann”, Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö (Sweden) 2008

”Sally Rattenman hänger/hänger sig (Sally Rattenmann Devotes/Hangs herself)”, Wuthering Heights, Malmö (Sweden) 2004



"A Fetus of a Different Species", Galleri 54, Göteborg (Sweden) 2020

”Cardio Cage”, Galleri Thomas Wallner, Simris (Sweden) 2018-2019

”Party Condolences”, Galleri Format Oslo (Norway) 2018

”Acquiring Bodies”, Krognoshuset, Lund (Sweden) 2017

”Bugchaser Party”, Galleri Ping-Pong, Malmö (Sweden) 2016

”Voyagers at Masquerade”, House of Foundation, Moss (Norway) 2013

”Headquarters”, Galleri Thomas Wallner, Simris (Sweden) 2012

”Leif Holmstrand”, Lars Olsen Gallery, Copenhagen (Denmark) 2012

”Inside Lord Kill”, Galleri Ping-Pong, Malmö (Sweden) 2012

”Lord of the Castle Itch Yes”, Crystal Contemporary Art, Stockholm (Sweden) 2011

”What the Others Knew”, Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmö (Sweden) 2009

”Leif Holmstrand”, Växjö konsthall, Växjö (Sweden) 2009

”Pim & Pom”, Galleri 21, Malmö (Sweden) 2008

”In Memoriam”, Galleri Mors Mössa, Gothenburg (Sweden) 2003



"Transformation", with Leif Holmstrand, Sofia von Schwerin och Max Walter Svanberg, CG Gallery, Malmö (Sweden) 2021

”En sista kvartett (A Last Quartet)”, with Anders Widoff, Tova Mozard, Isak Sundström and Leif Holmstrand, Sotheby’s Stockholm (Sweden) 2021

”In Residence: From the Collection of Zarya Center for Contemporary Art”, Vladivostok (Russia) 2019 

”Avesta Art 2017”, Verket / Avesta Art (Sweden) 2017

”Textila Undertexter (Textile Subtext)”, Marabouparken konsthall, Stockholm (Sweden) 2016 and at Malmö Konstmuseum / Malmö Art Museum 2017

”EMAP 2016: Save Our Souls – Art for a Time of Urgencies”, 9th Ewha international Media Art Presentation, Ewha Womans University Campus/Seodaemun District, Seoul (South Korea) 2016

”Malmö Konstmuseum@Malmö Konsthall”, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö (Sweden) 2013

”The Beginning is Always Today: Scandinavian Feminist Art”, Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Kristiansand (Norway) 2013

”In the Kingdom of Harplinge”, Harp Art Lab, Harplinge (Sweden) 2013

”Freakshow”, outdoor exhibition initiated by the organization Underliv, Malmö (Sweden) 2013

”Sammen/Together”, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Trondheim (Norway) 2012

”The Moderna Exhibition 2010”, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (Sweden) 2010

”Domestic Affairs”, 1A Space, Hong Kong (China) 2009

”Helsingborg ♥ Malmö”, Dunkers kulturhus, Helsingborg (Sweden) 2009

”Mot tiden (Against Time)”, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm (Sweden) 2007


"De Profundis (or From Above)", art catalogue and artist's book, SLEM produktion 2020

“Herrarna och djuren (The Lords and the Beasts)”, poetry, Albert Bonniers Förlag 2020

“Platsen där bilarna köar döda (Where Dead Cars Wait in Line)”, collaboration with Leo A. Sörlin, poetry and photo, S.L.E.M. PRODUKTION or SLEM 2019

”Instruktioner (Instructions)”, instruction art pieces or art recipes, Förlaget Anti 2018

”Förkylningen (The Cold)”, novel, Pequod Press 2017

”Recept (Recipe)”, poetry, Chateaux 2017

”Sista dagen (The Last Day)”, poetry, Albert Bonniers Förlag 2016

”Ett rum på tredje våningen (A Room On the Third Floor)”, co-operation with Bo Cavefors, poetry and images, Holmstrand Böcker 2015

”Städer som inte är städer (Cities That Are Not Cities)”, novel, Albert Bonniers Förlag 2015

”Afrikaneserna (The Africanese (sic))”, autobiographical material, essays on film and art et cetera, Pequod Press 2014

”Sjuttioåtta uppslag till sf-romaner hämtade ur Linus Andersens anteckningsbok (Seventy-eight Ideas for SF Novels from Linus Andersen’s Notebook)”, co-operation with Pär Thörn, short prose, Chateaux 2014, extended version published by Storno förlag 2020

”Asami Kannon: avfallet (Asami Kannon: The Waste)”, poetry, prose, drama, H//o//F (House of Foundation) 2014

”Tjuvklyftan (The Thief's Cleft)”, novel, Albert Bonniers Förlag 2013

”Domningskanten (The Edge of Numbness)”, poetry, experimental text and short stories, Pequod Press 2012

”Darger reviderad (Darger Revised)”, co-operation with Jonas Örtemark, Drucksache 2011

”Whore”, experimental one word novel or five hundred art objects, 2011

”Vad de andra visste (What the Others Knew)”, under the pseudonym Anna-Maria Ytterbom, poetry and prose, Oei editör 2010

”Se mig hoppa över (Watch Me Skip)”, prose/short stories, Pequod Press 2010

”Vid mardrömmens mål (At the Goal of the Nightmare)”, poetry, Albert Bonniers Förlag 2010

”Myror (Ants)”, poetry, Albert Bonniers Förlag 2008

”Går vidare i världen (Movin On Through the World)”, poetry, Albert Bonniers Förlag 2005

”Stekelgång (Hymenopteran Path)”, poetry, Albert Bonniers Förlag 2002



“PUUP MUSIC (The First Fifteen Years)”, available on for example iTunes and Spotify

”The Second Purpose” / ”The Purpose” / ”Little Water Child” / ”Helsinki”, Bandcamp releases 2013-2014

”Getting Rid of Me”, double cassette (30:00, 2x15 minutes), Zeon Light 2012

”Little Water Child”, CD, 30:15, 2011



”Majd Abdel Hamid and Oscar Guermouche”, duet exhibition at Krognoshuset in Lund (Sweden), co-curated with Isac Nordgren, 2016

”Translation Theme Park (Japanese Contemporary Art)”, an exhibition with Chim↑Pom, Cobra Goodnight, Fumiko Kobayashi, OLTA, Pyuupiru, Sachiko Kazama, Sakiko Yamaoka, Yoko Asakai and Yuki Okumura; the exhibition venues were Galleri 21 and Galleri Ping-Pong in Malmö, and then Uppsala Art Museum (Sweden), 2014-2015

”Games And Regulations”, three exhibitions at Galleri Vita Kuben, Norrlandsoperan, Umeå during spring 2013, with the artists Jenny Grönvall (Sweden), Line Skywalker Karlström (Sweden), Ia Neumüller (Sweden), Majd Abdel Hamid (Palestine) and Yuki Okumura (Japan)



The Barbro Bäckström Award 2020

Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Asmund and Lizzie Arle’s prize 2020

Mare Kandre-priset (in memory of the Swedish author Mare Kandre) 2018

Ten-year grant from Konstnärsnämnden (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee) 2013

Japanstiftelsen (The Japan Foundation, Sweden) 2011

Kallebergerstipendiet from The Swedish Academy 2008

Edstrandska Stiftelsen (The Edstrand Foundation) 2006

IASPIS and AIT Tokyo Residency and scholarship 2005

Björklunds Donationsfond 2004



Critical Studies, Malmö Art Academy 2002-2003

Malmö Art Academy 1997-2002

Norrköping Art School 1995-1997

Literature, three semesters at the universities of Stockholm and Gothenburg 1994-1995


Leif Holmstrand

Scheelegatan 2a

212 28 Malmö


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